When Adoption has sliced you like a knife

And your wound lays bare to a world that can not see

After the deed has been done

You mourn alone

The chaos is not seen

And all you have is you

And pieces of a past you miss

Are all you have to hold

You cry out to who you can not see

And You wrench in the cold

Out in a world who lied to Mama

And got her to believe

Her gift was a mistake

And you were just a ghost

Just a feather in the wind

Don’t just lay down

Don’t close your eyes

Look at what man has done

And wait your turn in line

Step up to the mike

And tell all how it felt

Use words to describe

And bring them to their knees

As you go back in time

And show them all their deeds

Show them the scare that marks the spot

A cut so deep, it smell like rot

From taking Mama away

I want you to remember

They won’t believe you at first

For the worlds not looking at what’s been done

They thinks it’s fine and great

So store those feelings

And save them for the day

When those words will cut like a knife

And send Adoption on her way


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