This reading is so telling.

The last card was the hermit. Virgo is the hermit in the tarot. My Mamas a Virgo.

And that’s the thing. This wine will

Pour from me forever. There is no end to my love and care for my Mama. Whether she reciprocates or not. I will always love her.

And I am tired of going it without her by my side. That’s true.

And I am disappointed that my sisters are not showing me the signs of being on my level. I had high hopes we would connect. That finally I would fit in and have a tribe that gets me. I have had hopes that my children would see my succeed with Mama.

I am not giving up. Just writing what I see from my viewpoint. I also see it from there and try to dispel their fears. But they, must believe in themselves and also believe that Mama gave me away, but she did not let go of me. That tells a lot about her within them. Will they allow Mama to be respected within them by being brave enough to do this for her? Because I feel her emotions daily. And it’s not good. She’s got sorrow she doesn’t show.

And this girl wants to comfort her. And look out that clean window and sip coffee while listening to the word of God wafting across the dinning area with her. Before it’s to late.

I want her years from this point on to full of love, including and not excluding mine. For a Mama needs all her children’s love. Chelsie Lynn’s leaving taught me that. I love and think of that girl all day. I just miss not being able to share life with her. I feel Mama feels the same and want to show her, we can change this relationship. We can be Mama and daughter and be stronger than before.

I see a miracle for us. I see this gift. I accept this gift. Will she? Pray for her. If I can do this? We all can. It only takes one spark to start a fire. May I be the match. To light the way.

Home to Mamas heart.

Your not alone. I am writing for you. Too.

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