All this shit just…

You know. All this shit Ive told to Mama? It’s made me stronger. To tell her and to show her, I made it and now share her love around the world. It’s made me who I am. It’s made me even more bonded to Mama. It’s makes me someone she can trust.

Because people talked mad smack about her to me. And thank god I didn’t listen. Thank god someones sticking up for Mama. Didn’t look like I was in here to folks that don’t know what I’ve been through as her child raised by another.

But I represent. I stand up for Mama. When no one did. No one could tell her what I tell her and live to see another day. Because I know what she went through. Energy is energy. And folks talk smack about moms who do what she did.

Do you think it was easy? No. It’s was not.

And if it’s not easy letting your baby go and trusting god she would be ok?

Coming bones even harder. When she doesn’t see her worth to you.

I don’t want another Mama to go through what we are going through. Mama deserves that. She deserves to see her girl climb the wall around her and to fight the demons and run them off.

I want her to hold her head up high. And now that it’s all out, no one can hold what I forgave against her. Satan go home.

That’s a rap.

Peace out.

And god bless.

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