This reading tells the story of what is going on with me…

capricorn is my rising sign

cancer is my moon sign

Music, lol, so God sending me a message through an angel of music. xo

yeah, I went there, so we all could learn. And I am moving on from the dump, let us all leave all of this there. xo

No, I don’t want this anymore. I just want my Mama, I’ve waiting, been patient, I know what I need.. her.

Gemini is also my moon sign. Good things, come to those who wait and do the work. xo

Letting go of the old is what is going on here and this is how I am doing it.

I am not asking for permission to do my own process, nor must you agree with what I write? I only ask that you witness. I ask that each of you that read this blog, to witness what I barf up. And look at all the world filled me with. From conception to now, I have disclosed what was said to me, what I fed on, and what i now, throw out.

When sorrow is the energy that is connected to your Mama? You have to work to get free of it. Mama and I parted ways a long time ago, but the energies linger, why? Because it was all I knew, without her. And it was all I remembered, and held onto, to keep me connected to her.

And that is not a bad thing. Meaning Mama Jean did not, nor does she loose at all. It has been what has made me able to love Mama Jean. But the time comes when you want to share the love you have with your own Mama with her. While she is still alive and walking on this earth. That is a good thing, and again, no one looses.

If there is a loss? The loss is the old way. The loss is the idea that we missed something. I shared how I felt, but I did not loose Mama. She is here within me, and doing quite well. She’s healthy and loved. It is a mental process to come home as well. And a shedding of an old that needs to happen. That is what this blog is about, a disrobing of an old nasty idea of a way, and all that the world poured onto me as I tried to be the best adopted child to make Mama proud.

This is a disrobing of an Adopted woman, who is always her Mama’s child. Mama can label me what she wills, but I am her child, still. And I want her to look at her perception, so that she can see me clearly, and see the beauty of herself shining back at her, as I lovingly pull the mental gum out of her mind. Mama did not see that gum, and I want her to help me with my gum, and she has helped me.

WE should be so happy we are together. And that is what I work for, riding us from the past is the prescription for what ills us.

No, my ways are not conventional, but Adoption is not the real convention.

So, get with it.

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