Laura Bergs reunion story

reunions are work. And inevitable. Unavoidable. And must be planned for when one relinquishes. Children always go home. It’s human nature. And a part of being born from them is that you are forever bonded with them.

This story shows how unprepared people are for this very fact of life.

Children come home. So why is no one talking about this? Especially adoption. Money is one things. But intelligence is another. Ignorance is another. When we clearly see a flaw. We, must mend it. Change it. Look at it. And not ignore it because it’s never been spoken about.

We must have that hard talk to being change. This woman’s pain points to a flaw.

Her parents believe that they aren’t ready to deal with this? Come on Mom and Dad. You have been dealing with this. There is no going back and you look silly trying to think you can and are. Your parents support you. Your children support you. God supports you.

Why in the hell people leave shot like this I do t know. Excuse my outrage and such laziness. I hate no one except ignorance itself, rooted in good people. This simply is not ok for the Status quo of parents. It’s a calling that must be upheld and supported. We must be courageous and show up, even if separated, bonds can return to healthy ones. Even if severed and infected. People can live again after what was loss.

I pray for these people I ask god to wash their eyes and their hearts today. I ask that you help them see this woman as a blessing and not a problem. Set them free from an old lie that kept them thinking this woman was a problem. Lord. I ask this for all my brothers and sisters in adoption. I pray for them all. I pray for communication and for fear to take a hike. I ask that God’s love would weave us all back together stronger than before. Lord. If you say when talking about children that such is the kIngdom of god, then I ask you to open us the gates to home. Restore wha My was taken from us. They will be done. Amen.

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