Am I supposed to hide my desperation for my Mama? Excuse me. I won’t.

My desperation is the point of the lesson. A good relationship with your Mama is key in our success on this planet. It sets us with a firm foundation. Now sure. mama backed into this kettle of fish with me. But rest assured my desperation is completely an emotional response from my body to hers. I feel we long for the other. And that we want the worlds blessing. But not for just us. For all who long for Mom and long for child. May the broken or torn be mended by the hands that guide the needle to stitch it back together. In our minds and in our outward lives. May we act as one. May we practice. Connectedness.

And I believe that she and I are moving heaven and hell to reach the other. Another way I see it is, god within her is reaching to god within me. And like a garden path to Mamas that usually is well worn, ours was overgrown with this and that said to each of while apart. Meaning. Extremely out of date. In need of Mom and me time. Pray. Needing to sip wine or tea, smoke pot, cigarettes, cry, laugh, whiskey, gin and tonic, spa days, and long walks, pedicures, yoga, with dear ole, but hot Mama. Like. Why is this a bad thing to ask of you my Mama again?

And of course daughter Mama days with us all together and apart. Let us sweep this stuff away. Let ya own our part. And let us write better parts and be what we read and listen too. Let us. practice. Mama would agree.

You are about to see how well.


Has not that offer been there for other?

Did they take them up? No.

They refused to do these things with me.

I believe because it was written by god for me to return.

Written on my heart. That came from you dear lady.

I gave you what you believed dear Mother.

I will be your monster.

But I am not a monster.

I am your champion.

Angela and I went to yoga. Kundalini yoga and talked about breast!! And woman’s health! So fab!


Come on Mom!! Hello!!

Let’s have fun. Listen to the music and get the vibe we going!!

Chelsie Lynn!’ Get on point!
Try to tell me how to be ypur very bestest kindred Mama friend! Lordy Jesus done fell out the house! Do t you ever think god’s not using me again little girl I better get a damn call.

Now. Back to being fun. Ok.

Heavy sigh. Gonna do this.

I don’t have a house except the one inside me.

So. Listen to this baby. Now let go! Let’s go!! Let’s ride Mama!! Get your motor running!!

You know you like that one.

God it’s so hard cheering this family on. Holding there hands and helping everyone understand what this has to do with them so that we each can learn and grow. I do not enjoying fighting. Or disagreeing, unless I feel extremely compelled to do so for a reason some can’t see yet.

My kids a cheerleader too. I hope she sees what I am doing and understands. To accept me is to accept her. To accept Nana is to accept Grama. To accept you is to accept me. And on and on. Including your friends. This is not just for us? But we demonstrate. This is my classroom. Where I teach.

Thank you all for accepting a part in my lesson.

About love. Family. The nuances. And how we all are bonded in some way.

I’ve learned about bonds.

And I no longer hold to the energy of a woman I came from.

I embody her pure essence.

I encapsulate it.

And I will not hide my feelings for fear of hurting anyone. For love does not hurt. It heals the hurt.

I stand. A woman. Before you. Not to demand things of you. Every time I come, it’s about things? Who are these people demanding what will be their of yours? Or are you deciding this? give me what you desire. If it is from your heart? The devil be damned and the lawyer too! Do what you will. I am so happy to know you. That is my gift to you. Acceptance of it all. Sitting at the table with my son by my side. As you look over the work of what came from you. I know about those eyes of yours woman. Keen and clear. You don’t miss a thing. Thank you for your attention too. To detail. I consider it one of my most prized gifts from you. Detail.

I stand before you a woman who wishes to carry you. Not literally. Does everyone talk literally here? Where are the poets? Please. This family’s story is so sadly formed. From my vantage point. Your missing some pieces. And we are standing around waiting? Like warriors come home. We would like a drink and a bath and feast to celebrate what we’ve done together. Not apart. Feel me?

My heavens. This really just went on and on. So much garbage. I splashed fuel and more fuel on the whole thing just to burn it all up. But wow. That whole nest of thought was so deep. Most times I am three years ahead of myself on these kind of predictions. Meaning. You won’t get it for three years and will think I am crazy until you have that ahh moment when all I said comes together. I pray it’s three seconds today.

Fervently . I pray dear Lord for your grace lavished on this my family. I bow and ask for permission to bless this family in your name. Show them their parts. Show me mine. Lead us forgive source if all. May we burn the old way today. I imagine us all on a hill in Ireland’s shore. As we, bond by blood, by God Father in our minds together to say good bye to our old ways and lay them Gently to rest or they, come back to haunt you until you get it right.

Maybe I did die. But my twin brother gave his life for mine? I do feel this as a truth for me. I lost a brother named John. We spoke telepathically and shared ideas and processes. The day we died and I went back to make it right. To change our family karma back to what it needs to be. United. Well. We can get into that latter. But I will say this. I am having some redressed feelings and memories coming back up. And I am being honest. I feel Mama is the one to know for sure.

But she need to be out of her head and into her spirit to listen to God, her intuition.

This is Mamas choice. Family. Pray for her highest good. And nothing else. If you love her at all. Let go of your opinions. So she can think. She hears all of you. As god is my witness. She does. She feels it too.

I am working to strength her core. Me. I validate this part of my Mama and I bless it!!

Let no one ever put asunder and not support what God brought together!

Unity is the cornerstone.

If we fail at unity

What have we won at all?

Let us rise to unities call.

Three seconds ago.

Let us keep seeking our new promised land.

There is much to see.

And this place loves us.

Let us learn and teach so all are safe to explore it.

And not hoard it.

Yeah. We must not loose sight.

Of the promised land we all seek can be had by an educated mass that performs like kings and queens of the land of their Father and Mother Earth. Queens and kings rule. They don’t squabble. They squash it. This ones big.

And I wanted to call folks out so they could testify on Their behalf. We see who testified. There was no defense. Because I speak truth. I let it out. They stood there baulking and grumbling and they thought I did t hear it? You don’t know Mama at all. All you hear is yourselves.

I had to drive to get into my Mamas aura to pick up the energies so I could assist her. What are you doing? Hello? What is up with them Mama? What? Like I am being me. Straight forward me. Loving me. Showing up me. Give a shit me. Preaching a word my children know well.

There ar

So it could take it’s ragged mother ducking ass on down the road!

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