A trip to the dump…

You know, a trip to the dump can really bring out your families issues. I mean they see you going there, and all their internal shit come up about what a dump means and why we have them. Mama, and the fam, must think I like the dump? Or is it them that love the dump and me in it? People must think I have a dumpy mind? Oh, Mama, they don’t know you at all? Mama does not make junk, God did not make junk from my Mama. OK?

My Adopted Dad used to go to the dump and he would bring great treasures home. And I used to anticipate his return from the dump growing up, because he found the coolest stuff. He brought home useful stuff. Like one time, he brought home an old victrola. And it worked! And it played records, still stored inside! Wow! It did look a bit old and dull, but with polish, it was a beauty to an eye that could appreciate its worth and all it had been through. I did.

And its like Mama. She’s not an old victrola, no way, no how. That woman on fire, for God. Like she reads bible studies all day, I want her on my team! But I also, know, that to be on my team, I must know her, and her weaknesses. Not to blow her up, like everyone thinks, but to blow her off and show her the shine is still there. That with an eye that can see, any daughter would see past all that I have said, and see, a beauty, useful, vital, gorgeous, and stately. She’s my rock.

Mama Jean is my river. She has been the best coach I could ever have in life. She is a Mama in her own right, just not like my Mama. And that is not a bad thing. I can’t just throw them into the same stew? Like one is lamb, and the other beef. And those need different spices and ingredients to bring out their flavor.

I am a cook of a different sort Mama. I cook up good things from things from the dump. YOU. They told me to dump you, but I know just what to do with you and you just don’t loose your savor, you become better with time. Aged and tender from time, like meat. Juicy and luscious, you can’t hide from me. I see.

Mama Jean used to get so upset with Daddy when he brought latest treasure home, but I just was so excited that you could do such a thing. Like he brought things home that folks gave up on and threw away. I guess God taught me something in that about Mama. God sewed that into my soul about Mama. Thank you Lord for all that you sewed into me. Thank you for answering Mama’s call. I am grateful grace can cover all I carried with Mama. Thank you for helping me spit it out. Help Mama stop chewing on all said, and to spit it out too.

But dumpster diving is a thing with me and my kids. Yep, and I feel it tell about the story that god sewed into me that was sown into them that came from me. We treasure things from the dump that are useful. We treasure people that the world has thrown away and given up on, like my Mama. The world can tell me to give up, but God shows me that to do that is to give up on myself and everyone.

Ive seen the reactions of my family, and it tell me a lot. If you have eyes to see.

Ive seen the reactions of my friends, and that tells me a lot.

Do I leave folks in the dark as to what I do? Well, I was in the dark about why all this mattered and why I needed to tell Mama. But I see it appearing now. As I see in my minds eye the mark, that God sent me to hit with my arrow made from Mama herself back to the demons that chased her away from this gift I am.

Mama’s like that too. She knows a good buy and priceless item. If you go to her home, you’ll see them all on display. And it warms my heart. I just wish she had more pics of me. I do need to take care of that. Maybe just me, no picture will do? Maybe she more of me, tall, and warm, hugging her and kissing her will do?

I  save an ocean full, just for her…. No one else… They have their own.


There is plenty.. within this child from Linda….




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