I may be strange.

But growing up like this changes a person. The change is for the better if we allow it. And I have. Ive allowed all Mama left me with wash over me. And I took it with me and showed everyone. And they. Did nothing about it. Which. Was not ok. Nope. Not ok leaving me and Mama like this!

And the times changed on the day I was born. I just wasn’t old enough to execute that change. But I’m grown now and you all need tor recognize. Children don’t forget their Mamas. And for this girl? I refuse to believe what the world and strangers told me about who I came from! Ok! Bad form world!

Living is hard enough without having the whole world agree your Mama a mess and not fit to raise me. Fuck you world!! Mamas got her shit. WE ALL DO! Ok. We all have shit. And now. No one can use this shit on her. Because she made something a while ago. A champion named after her! Belinda Jean knows what Mamas worth is and I blog here to prove it.

No. Don’t even try to get this bulldog to let go of it. You dont talk about my Mama!! That includes the woman who showed up to help her! And my children. Now. The world. Take notice. I will not stand by and let that one go. Sucker punches come in many forms. But mine is one of words to clear the slate forever. With my truth.

I’ve said all that others said and fed to me here. So Mama could see how the world treated her girl. Oh. She’s not happy folks and you all gonna get it! I told everyone of you she would when she woke up from the spell pit on her.

She’s my Mama. She’s my rock.

No one in their right mind would let go.

She never did either. And the shame is on you for thinking so.

Oh Mama. I love you true.

Thanks for sharing your both with me. So I could punch Satan in the eye for ya both.

In public. Where god lives. Step out of that cage you e been in. I’m home. Ain’t no one gonna hurt you again. Because I came back to love that hurt away. It I had to show you, again and again and again, how much we went through. That even though I was somewhere else? I was always with you. Because I kept my recordings of you and found was to connect to you within me.

What I saw when I would come to see you was, a strong feeling of fear, guilt, shame and dismay. And a child knows how to reach its own Mamas heart. We were woven together that way. I am only the enemy of the lies spoken over you. Lies that kept you from seeing our truth. That we never let go of each other. And that I would make it right. In the end.

Talking about this has been extremely mentally taxing on me as I show all sides to a mental issue. Basically I’ve been plucking out viruses from your system. And as a result it has an affect on us all. Because your the root system to this family tree now. Would God not want you free of all that I have spoken about?

That’s what I saw when I spoke my truth. It hit you and you reacted. Like peroxide on a wound you winced and pulled back from it. And yet it’s what you needed to get free of it. We had to go there. And no one else could help you but me. Cuz that’s my job. That’s why I was sent to you first. To set you free to be. Beyond our past.

Surgery causes pain. And yet we heal and are better after. As I saw your reaction, god gave me the action to remove it forever was to teach you with my truth. Not beat you with it. I turned my salt shaker over on you. You have savor. Now. 💋

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