I am a born again Christian. Straight up. And for years and years I sat under preacher after preacher that spoke against the tarot. In fear and ignorance I believed what I was told. Like many do.

And I have a calling in my life. I am adopted. I am set apart. And I am real. No sugar coating here. God made sure of it. And God knows why I was trained the way I was. And god knows why my children were trained through me. I was a tough Mom. Who lectured and prayed about everything.

So. I was surprised when I felt God allowing my curiosity about what the church deems as a Dark energy, demonic, satanic, evil, and wrong, the metaphysical world. I went to a psychic and got my chakras cleared. And met another Adoptee who is a psychic. I prayed, “lord? Are you sure I can do this?” I heard a scripture. The one about god’s hand and how we are within it. And that no one can pluck us out of that hand.

I realized that I could explore anything and that I would be within god’s hand. I had nothing to fear. God was always with me. And so I began. It was strange at first. I admit, I felt I was cheating on God a bit. But each book I purchased and read, I found god’s word, written differently.

I had spent many years reading the word and grafting it into my spirit and soul. I had served God any way I could. I prayed for people. I washed their feet. I listened to them. I practiced the word. So as not to be ashamed. Cuz beyond Mama is god. I am god’s child, just like you.

And scripture after scripture would spring to mind as I read each book! I was pleasantly surprised to read many biblical concepts written differently. I began to look up everything! All religions. And I began to take what I call the helicopter ride with God.

Because it was like I was looking at them all. And God was showing me how it’s all connected. And how connected we all are. And I realized how connected I had been to Mama. And them realized how our connection got started. And prayed I could make how it ended better.

Tarot is a way to hear for this whole Universe.

God is more than some Man on a throne I do now believe God has a she side. It’s does say we are made in God’s image and likeness. We are what we call male and female. Ying and yang. Light and dark. Two different pieces of a whole.

And tarot gets ya out of our heads.

And it picks up on all your garbage.

So you can have a look and toss it out and do better.

The word is limited in this sense. The way it is used is to suppress. God intended the word to lift us up. To empower us.

Let me ask you?

If God is within us? Then to be empowered is to realize this and yield to God’s will.

I don’t know why I came on here completely? I know I feel better each day. Do I want my family to pick any of this garbage I through out in the yard? Hell no! Drop it. That’s is the point!

I said it all out loud. So therefore I have confessed it all. And I ask forgiveness for us all. Myself. But you must do your own process and get free. I forgive myself for feeling this way. I forgive my Mama for not seeing I felt this way or that I would feel this way. I forgive my family for not getting me. I forgive it all.


Never forget.

But the wound does heal.

Mine has already.

I pray yours will too.

That is my true wish.

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