Hell yeah I am crazy.


You have not seen the likes of me.

My Mama can hold herself for years, away from her own baby.

And with that Force. I come back with that Force.

Recognize my Mama in me.

You better think again about Mama?

If your wise?

She’s in me working her own magic.

Cuz we are bonded.

She’s using me to break free.

She wanted me to come back and wake her up.

That is a child’s code always.

If you don’t know that?

Well. Write it down and remember it.

Mamas count on us to make sense if a hurt.

She can’t run away from and that hurts more when I am near.

I am the antidote.

Her love for herself is within me.

Like a boat on the oceans horizon.

She’s seeing me more and more.

And my flag that reads, Grace!!!

Besides- people say crazy when they don’t understand. To cover up how dumb they are.

Intelligent people get that.

Einstein did.

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