Mothers auction their children, their heritage off to the highest bidder, and we worry about human trafficking?

In todays day and age, woman still auction off their children to people who want children and can’t seem to manifest them? And why do we not call this slavery? human trafficking,  Or worse, faithlessness.

If my must be the enemy of my own Mama’s to get the word out, well, ok. But if my Mama’s could realize, I am the enemy of what they were told and hold onto. I am not their enemy, but he enemy of the idea that children can be sold and made and moved around at anyone will, just because you have a will, does not mean you get to inflict it on everyone.

No one here has a free will. Our will cost others their own will. Slavery is heinous. And Adoptions its cousin. I am white, but was bought for only the medical bills, my Mama didn’t value me much at all. She sold me at thrift store prices and wanted my new Mommy to value me?? We value what we have to pay dearly for! What did Mama Jean pay for me? Not much to start with, but much afterwards.

She paid the price of a woman who did not educate herself about the child she bought and brought into her home to raise. She paid dearly for that ignorance. What did Mama pay for relinquishing me? She paid dearly for her ignorance in thinking her baby girl would not come back home to her. I am not sure her brain can change to compensate, she seems broken as well. Just saying. Not trying to be mean, but practical. I am not sure Mama can shift her gears? She’s not using the collagen peptide that feeds her brain and allows it to shift better and keep up with her baby girl?

I feel trafficked. I feel like I am waking up from a nightmare. I am so upset, my heart hurts, and I try to relax, but I miss my Mama so much. And she’s not dead, or I would have to move on. She lives and I desire to bridge this gap between us. Its is like Mama Jean taught me to be a dog and I don’t do what Mama wants, because Mama Jean messed me up good. Kind of like my molester did when he named what he did to me, Robot, no one knows that Robot was a name for a sexual act he did on me. I was the robot and did what he wanted. How would I know any different? My mama didn’t even care about me, why would anyone else? I get that. But that is not what is right and true.

I hate to think my Mama is this ignorant and naive? But she may be? I do have naive tendency’s, and have had to work hard. People pull my heart strings and use me for my good nature. And I have struggled to overcome this and not become like them. Saying no to someone who showed up when my Mama could have cared less is hard. But Mama Jean does not know me like she thinks.

Trying to squash me is cruel. I am blogging it here for future reference. May my words stand in time as a marker of one who has found her voice and told it before all. I don’t know, maybe I am dying. I was wounded when I got her from my Mama’s messed up abortion attempt. I had the nerve to live. She can say what she wants, I know. And I don’t care what she thinks now. I am done being nice.

I am going to be honest.

Mama Jean never even took into consideration that I was from someone else? Hello? She thought I was hers? That is what not meeting the Mother does, thanks Linda? Lordy. Partners in psychosis they are. Its like when someone dies, you see them and it makes it real. When the new Mother does  not meet the old Mother, which it shouldn’t happen anyway, but, it did, it makes her real. Mama Jean, in her mind, thought I was hers? OH MY GOD! What fairytales we live in?

My sister was sucked into it to. She’s a reader, and tells me she is intelligent. But she has said some of the shit Mama fed her too. So insane. Not my sister, but what she said. She’s just been brainwashed too. I am working to wake her up. Mama lets me look like the enemy. But Gods given me the inside scoop and I am telling all, here. So good luck with that Mama?

I love you, but I do not like the way you are acting. Maybe Chelsie can teach you what they means? Oh, am I being rude? Well, how does it feel? No party, no thank you for Mama Jean? No nothing? What in the hell?My sister Victoria has been a past Queen and all this and that with the SCA and you have not even been keeping up a proper status quo on etiquette? This is one of the issue with  Adoption.

Woman just think it ends? Hello! WE children did not get a choice! When we grow up? WE get a choice. Thanks world! Fuck you! You suck at how you treat us. Children feelings matter for we grow into adults. This is what Adoption does to its children. Look at  it! Look at me!

Do not turn away for I will fill the streets with children grow for you to look at. When I am done, we all will be speaking and the world will be educated and a safer place for woman and children. Men will not rape. Men will learn to take care of their sexual needs without a woman to poke for pleasure. Men are fathers too, and those who do act like heathens? A child will be born from them and they will grow up and make it right! For Mama.

I don’t stand her and speak in one direction. That is why its hard to keep up. For I grew up listening in all directions for the way home. Ive heard the arguments and have formulated my own. WATch out! Its coming your way! And no, you can’t run from it, so let it hit ya! Change is upon us.

This all may sound cryptic if you don’t keep up. But in the end, all will see what I work for. A better world, a better way.

Maybe woman who can not conceive should not practice on children not from them. It is most difficult. They don’t seem to realize that we came from someone else? They force us to act in way that are not our own? Are we all not trying grow and evolve this planet and its humanity?


Must the child always pay the price?

Now, I am sending it back to you, so you can pay too.

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