I girl I know.

Is looking to abort her baby today. And my heart hurts for that baby who’s come to bless her. But she can’t see.

She only see the dad and who he is. And she only see herself and her mistakes. Babies are not mistakes. My hearts hurts for children. Why does God even try? We think we own this shit down here. We don’t. It own us.

My heart hurts and I am so sad for that child growing inside her that she gonna just kill. She thinks she can go on after the deed is done. But that baby is growing cells in her brain as we speak. Cells that will be left behind when she Freud stricken at what she just did and realizes it’s never over.

Once a Mother always a Mother. She’s crossed the threshold and now tried to bow out. Nope. No bowing out. All life is recorded here. Her body will damn her mind that thinks this is ok. She will pay for what she does, by her own hand.

Abortion is murder. You murder your own blessing because you think it’s a curse? Society’s tell Mamas their kids are mistakes? Society, shit up. God is speaking.

Children are gifts.

Get it right for god sake!

2017. And we still kill the kids? We still throw the baby out with the bath water? No!!

Stop!! Know what you do!!

I am that child. I love anyway. To warn all of you!! God kept me alive for this purpose!!

I’ve had a rough life with a Mom that doesn’t know me and a body that has had troubles. Because if abortion, adoption, reunion.

I mourn today for the children.







All these things. The mother does to herself the day she gives up on her gift.

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