Being adopted means.

Words from an adoptee sister of mine. This cycle of rejection must end. And it is very important our Mama’s learn the truth of where they sent us on that fateful day, we were relinquished and forever torn into pieces to please the masses who told her we were and she was, unworthy to keep us.

This cycle must end in every woman’s mind. This cycle ends when every Mama realizes what she has done to herself and her own when she swallows the lie that Adoption was God’s will.

The Bible May say, god adopts us. How can this be? When we come from the breath of God? Our bodies are made from earth, but within is a soul that comes from the throne of god. What shall we say for ourselves who turn away from the children who cry each day for a Mother removed? What shall we tell the Lord? When we return to our home?

How will we explain that we did nothing about Adoption? What will Our Mama’s tell God when there souls go home, what shall they say about the gift(s) God sent to them when they never opened us, and sent us away? Will the father be pleased with how they handled their gifts?

I wonder? Moses was adopted due to the fact that a king wished he and his other first born brothers of the day to be killed to avoid a prophesy coming true. What was after us? Are we in danger? Are we part of some prophecy? Are we, Adoptees now the Israelites? Who need freeing?

If so? Then I am Moses. And you better watch out. Because we must wake up to what we do to the children. Remember? Such is the kingdom of god? Mothers are called beings. Not ovens or baskets. They are workers who train. Their offspring is their field. I am my Mamas field. She will give account about what she did with me. And I will give account what I did about her. And I will stand with my head held high and show, I did not give up.

My sisters? I wonder what they will tell God when he asks them why they turned a deaf ear to me? Guess some people don’t think about God watching us now. I feel no shame for wanting my family back. Even if they are weird and rude and not really good with communication? That’s why I am back. To bring my gifts back to them.

Let’s get this right. We sisters could help Mama with this? What will you tell God about why you couldn’t get over it and do this for her and for God? Because we are bonded. No getting out of it. We are family still. Your just delusional from Adoptions lies. Wake up sisters. I’ve come home. Or at least I know where home is? Ive been there.

I’ll tell you what you’ve got to loose.

  • Standing before god with your tails between your legs, having to say you failed at your mission.
  • Standing before all man kind and giving Your acct. as to how you treated god in me.
  • Standing before your neighbors who will see what you did for your sister. You will loose a bad reputation for shunning me.
  • Me raging on here because you all can’t seem to find your ambassador spirit so we can bridge this gap. Mama started this. I finish it. Full circle.
  • A curse that’s over shadowed our Mama since I left. We all will loose that.
  • Your mind, that believes the lies adoption planted in you. And god will give you a fresh start with your sister who been gone so long and wants so much to get started being part of us in a more healthy way.

It’s not easy telling people your hurting and why, let along telling your family from years gone by that you want to come home.

Mama Jean taught me to ask permission for everything. Ok?

Is my Mama that way too? Must I grovel for her presence? Because I feel that way. Like some dog, scratching at the door. When I know I am a princess of that queen. And I blog to break through those thoughts in her head. It’s like a fortress of thoughts and ideas that keep me at bay.

  • Being adopted means your Mama gives your place away at her table of love.
  • Being adopted means when you come home, your Mamas a mess from being without you and she doesn’t even know it.
  • Being adopted means that you have sisters that don’t accept you completely. And don’t even reach out to you in your hour of need.
  • Being adopted means that you live in a bubble created by man that keeps you always the observer.
  • Being adopted is like starving. Mother has been denied and we starve for her.
  • Being adopted means that family acts no longer as family. They shun you.
  • Being adopted means you kids think your crazy because you want your Mama and they do nothing to help you?
  • Being adopted means life is now way more complicated.
  • Being adopted means we live a lie. We are still the daughters and sons of our parents till the day we die. And yet we are denied them.
  • Being adopted means that many of us feel and have the marks of neglect.
  • Being adopted means, we will cry ourselves to sleep day after day. For reasons like: just wanted a hug from her, wanted to give her a flower, children were mean and said mean things about her, we need encouragement and she’s not there to care.

If Mamas do this to their children. I call Adoption the ultimate neglect. And my cry today is to all woman who do this. You need to hear me. Because your fucking the world up. All this micro management. Free will that’s not free. We pay for our Mamas free will.

I speak for the children removed.

I speak for the Children relinquished.

It just amazes me. Folks don’t get this? But it’s time to change that. The world should be a comfortable place for us all. And we need to step it up on all fronts about Children.

Children are the future.

Children should have the best chance.

Children should have the best Mamas.

Children ground their Mamas.

We are a focal point.

What future is there when we live in a world that does not see the value of the child?

We kill ours?

We abort ours?

We mame ours?

We plan ABC ours?

We relinquish, reject ours?

Do we feel we are so faulty? And that God is an idiot? To send us a gift? How will our Mamas know the gift we are if we dont fight to show her?

Is this not a sign of psychosis? Have we all gone mad from the lack of oxygen?

Adoption right now, means:

  • No way home
  • No sisters or brothers
  • Scared confused Mamas
  • The trauma continues, on and on
  • Children cry today for Mama.

Who’s gonna finally listen? Who? Cuz I am pretty loud and up in your face? Is anger all you see Mama?

When? Will Mamas see what they mean to us?

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