When I did the cord cutting…I had a vision. Heres what I saw….

As I imagined my sacred space, I saw a garden, green and lush. Flowers of all kinds, and ferns and water flowing. I can hear it now, as I let my mind go back to that place. And I saw three red flowered over stuffed chairs in the middle. I called the Angels and guides into my sacred space, Jesus was there, and Mother Earth too. And I saw my Mothers, there, they appeared in my sacred space.

I saw my Mothers there, standing, in white. They looked older, and tired. And as I looked down and saw our cords were big and bulging, green and dark, some were scraggly, and thin. And we were connected together, in a triangle.

I cut the cords, between us three. With the crystal knife that appeared to me. I shared my heart with them and they with me. And I cut the negative cords away.

I could see them now, young and vibrant, full of hope. Glowing. And looking at each other, with hope. Joy was there. It swirled around us. And we were connected from our hearts now. In a sacred bond, no one could break, that was pure and divine.

All old energies were gone. And we embraced, and kissed, three woman. Now.

Thank you Angela for all your hard energy work. I send loving energies to you. My loving daughter, who doesn’t back down. xo

I thank God for you…. Thank God for you…

And Thank you to Chelsie Lynn… for all your prayers and faith..

I love you both equally but differently. xo


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