As I cut the negative energy cords, with this meditation….. For me and my Mama’s.. to let it all go together..


Thank you Mothers, for participating in this negative cord cutting ceremony with me in meditation and prayer today. Be encouraged and hopeful. As the negative is cut away, and the love that remains, connects us with a stronger bond. Our bond is now forever changed and positive. Love wins.

And this shall be felt in our whole family.. from today, to infinity.

A bond of two families is made today, that is eternal, and pure.

All old has been laid to rest with honor and love. Precious, as they taught us all the power of love, and the will of God, moving through a child that knew no better than to listen and follow. And to seek out, find, cut, sew and heal her Mama’s hearts back together.

Thank you Angels and God for helping do this cord cutting today.


I encourage anyone reading this blog to do this meditation. It is very important for all Adoptees to transcend their birth energies. We are all precious, and we face our Mothers, and societies opinions, many that they don’t even have awareness they have. We conquer these opinions, by being strong enough to tell the truth to a world that is blind to what they do.

I pray we all are healed and see that we are more than Adopted.

That we are still the children, woman, men of our parents and we make them proud by being their two, in the face of those that would deem them unworthy of our love? Yet they have prospered from our parents love to give us away to another, who could not give birth to their own.

Our parents should not gain disgust for such an act of courage and pain. Each parent should gain love from a child given, and give love back to her/him. We are not the enemies here, we are the angels. We are made from love. If hate is what you see, clean your glasses, or better yet, take them off.

Before each woman who has given a child away, is a woman or man, standing, waiting, to be unwrapped as a present from God. Nothing else. If their is something else, it is within you. I have shown you what’s in me, now show me whats in you?

A gesture would be a good things about now. Of peace, of a hand reaching out towards your child, as they stand waiting for your hand. To take you home as well.

My Mama’s 3/4 woman, mother, for without me, she’s just a three legged table waiting to fall over. Her fourth legs is here. At last.


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