Exciting read.

I think people under estimate my Mama? Yeah. I do. I’ve hit my Mama with the truth she herself could not see and yet prayed to. I know this to be true. Mama did not see what I have shown her, with all of the love in my heart, I have administered the antidote. Mamas a chef. She cooks up good things. And she shares it with others. She teaches other how to cook up good things. She is a goddess. A queen in her own right and realm. And the world filled her baby girl with garbage. And it made her sick. Where do we go when we can? When she still living? We go to Mamas house. I’ve not known my Mamas care, physically. Emotionally and spiritually I know her care as well as I know myself. That’s where she is preserved. She lives on in me. I Be-Linda. And I’m a little wild! I know. Mama. I know. That’s why I told you the truth. I am a mess. I guess. I didn’t mean to be a mess? This world kind of rubbed off on me? And you weren’t there to brush me off, to brush that crap off. It was not my intention to hurt you by coming home and falling apart like this. Truly. I’ve worked hard to hold it together without you, but. I miss you so. I don’t know what to do to break this spell that keeps you away? It’s like I’ve been taught to be mean? And I can’t speak right? It’s like I’ve been this way for years and no one gave a shit to help me or tell me? They just patted me on the head. Simplest little Belinda. Is that what you see in me? In a world that could leave me like this? Will you do the same? Life has felt like a dark cloudy day. Like ground hog day. Over and over. I’ve looked for you. Is that not true love? Please. Don’t make me pay? Like this? The whole world is now watching. As they peer into you, and see me standing, weary, wiped, kneeling at my queens door, hands bleeding from Banging so long. Will she open the door? And let me out? I’m trapped inside her. Screaming to get out. You may have removed me from your life, but never from your heart. My love for Chelsie Lynn is proof! Right in front of you, I play out what you want to do most, my arms are open wide! Run! Open the door. Go To me inside you. Hold me. And remember. Rejoice. Your child came home. Rejoice. Haters be damned!! This is God. Miracles. My truth has scattered very doubter of my Mamas Love for me! I slay the dragon with my own dragon. My mama loves me as deep as the creek, and the river, that leads to the ocean. I’ve looked and seen how far it goes. And I’ve compared it to her eyes that go for miles and miles. So deep. The word says, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is lord. For Jesus lead me home to Mama. Sometimes. You gotta get crazy to make Mama see. Who’s really got her back. This is my fight song. Take back My Life song!! And I don’t really care if nobody else believes! Cuz I’ve still got, a lot of fight left in me!!

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