My body speaks.

My brain may know some things.

My brain was filled with what this world wanted me to know.

But my body knows somethings.

My body screams for my Mama.

And in 2018. I am not closer to what I have wanted my whole life.

I was sent to a woman.

Who sent me to another woman.

And yes. I am offended now.

By two woman who are convicted tell freaks and have made me a freak in their own attempt to obtain what neither of them was grateful for.

I am no dog.

I am not an animal to be moved this way and that. I do not appreciate being treated this way.

Ultimately. They loose.

In the end.

And my children will loose too.

And already have. And my two Mamas don’t even see what their plan did to me. Day in and day out.

I loose. Again.

I’ve lost Chelsie. And it’s probably good.

I fucked her all up.

That’s what the woman I came from said to me on my last visit to her door. So lovely. Just lovely.

When I used my own money to come look at her raggedy ass. Yep. It’s upsetting to wake dreaming woman.

So why do it at all.

Let them sleep.

They don’t deserve me.

If this is how they play?

I do t need friends like them.

Their rules suck.

They do t play fair

And they are both selfish.

They never taught me. And they do t give me a turn. They monopolize the game.

See? It sounds crazy? Yep.

And people wonder why I am as I am?


That’s what it feels like.

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