I had such high hopes growing up.

Little did I know. Being adopted would be a handicap. Little did I know that being adopted would make me feel handicapped. Because I don’t do well when I am lied too. When information is kept from me it makes me uneasy and doesn’t give me all the facts to make a decent decision.

Like my marriage. Now, over. And I was so hopeful. But. Because of adoption and the lies, I have no tolerance for lies when I find out. It shakes my core. I’ve been a lie. I’ve lived lies as truth. What is truth? Anyway?

My Mama”s have their own brand of truth. And each is different. I’m about done with their lies and them. I am about done with my girls lies.

I’m about o give up on family. Both. I’m don being a puppet in this five cent show. It’s sick. The way people cling to a story that was never the truth.

I am disappointed In My mothers today.

They lead me astray.

They didn’t give me the whole story.

They took from me for themselves. They used me for their own gain. I feel used.

I feel sick.

I don’t know if hope can grow back.

I am pretty angry at them both for their ignorant ways.

I’ve written my whole


And shown my many sides.

But. My Mamas won’t get the good me back u til they stand up and own their shit.

  • If this is how I feel? Adoption got me here.

Thanks. Moms.


For auctioning me off. And forcing me to perform like a circus poodle. And thanks for supporting me to be me. Not.

Thanks for teaching my girls to be like you two.

And to hurt me for you.

Fabulous!! What a wonderful

Job you ladies are doing.

You both suck.

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