I’m. Possible.

Now. All I’ve said, now put aside.

The questions remain:

Why does a Mama give her baby girl away?

Why did she do so with me?

Why did she keep her other children?

Why did she not expect me to come back?

Why does she only see anger In me?

And what does she imagine that I am angry at?

Why does she not see me?

Just showing up.

And how can I change her view?

If I don’t go into her nightmare and walk her out?

Because if your Mama thinks Your anything other than a gift? She’s in a nightmare and must be brought back to reality. Which is that I am a gift. A precious gift.

If we agree on that?

Then what’s going on with she and I?

What’s blocking us now? Today?

Because our past is now gone.

And love still remains.

Let us not squander what god has given us.

Time to see the gifts in each other.

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