Here where Adoption is f____ed up.




There is always a reunion?

Children grow up. And while they grow up they always look to their parents for visuals on who and how to be. Right? We can agree on that can’t we?

What child grows up thinking? I am going to grow up and be a loser. Like who?

There is no one like that. W all want to succeed and make our parents. Plural. Proud.

Adoption doesn’t let us. We can’t show our parents, plural, anything that they don’t either get jealous because our adopted parents did better? Or our bio parents did better? Seriously.

We wrestle like divorced kids to keep the damn balance! Why are we adoptive children having to maintain autonomy? And balance? Is that not our parents job?

And yet where are (our parents?) are they all working together for our highest good? Hell no.

One set bounced. And left the baby in the bag with the other parents. No instructions. No bio. No breakdown about family health? Religions, how about temperament! That ones left out! What about mental health? Oh? Yeah. Hell no!

What Mama in her right mind would give her child away?

Let me

Answer. No Mama in her right mind would! Nope.

And what Woman in her right mind would take that child? And not try to keep it with its Mama? No woman in her right mind would.

So. What you see here is a bunch of left brained people. All in their own left minds, which is logical and not creative and emotional.

Hmmm? Seems we have over looked the parents minds? Seems we meaning Adoption and society, don’t really care about that part of Adoptions equation?

Well if adoption if care about our minds, Adoption would protect our minds by making sure our Mamas minds are right! And not left.

What is my message?

Better remember this. You do get to choose. But when your babies grow up, they get to choose too. And they may come home, and tell you like it is.

Are you ready for that? My Mamas weren’t.

They did not even think I would complain. They thought adoption would be fun for me? Like camp I imagine? Except that I would have amnesia from it all and not remember my own Mama and would just sail on down the river with my replacement? Seriously folks.

How do I have to spell it?

What picture will make you see? You’re right Mama! We can’t go back.




It’s be


For me to be?




Like 55 years?

I think my Mamas are just to gone to get it.

To brainwashed.

Yo old.

To stubborn

To selfish

To controlling.

Here’s a video of people who care.

Maybe learn something about balance and really wanting the best for your child!


mamas rock in many ways.

But with me? They need some help.

The times have changed Mamas. Yep.

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