My sisters make me laugh. In a sad way

Like do you sister think our Mama really wants me out? Do you three think our own Mama would want us like this? Do you three think are the only ones who are part of our Mamas heart? Lol

Like wake up. Do you think our Mama, who’s sooooo connected us all is really for separation to continue? Hell no. Oh hell no. Mama likes her chicks close. Including me. But she’s been scared. And she been wounded.

She drools. No offense intended Mama. But seriously. Three or four bible studies a day? Oh Mama. God loves you so much. His word is etched into your fibers. And I to mine. You spoon fed me via God’s wire, prayer. Seriously. Mama. It’s me. Your love child no know that sounds cliche’. But it’s true. You know it.

You fell for that man. Right on your beautiful face. So naive. So trusting that god would make a way. Has she forgotten her own prayer as we left each other.

Find me

And wake me up

I love you.

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