In the blood….

Sure, I have been really angry.

But what is before Angers response?

The Lord showed me.


In my blood is my Mama and father. And I wonder why that has to be a bad thing?

Is my Mama angry at God to being pleased with her choice?

Is Mama angry that her plan changed?

Is Mama angry God lead me home?

And why?

Is it all not under Christ blood?

Am I not covered in Christ blood?

I know I prayed the prayer of salvation?

I was filled with he Holy Spirit?

And yet, she sees an angry woman at her door, instead of her daughter who’s come home?

Who found her?

If she loves me, she loves me.

But she told me I messed it up?

How can I be the only one who messed it up?

It does take two to tango? Doest it?

I know my Grama Margaret prayed me home. She told me so.

And yet Mama doesn’t believe it?

But mama didn’t seem to like Grama.

Maybe she’s made at her Mama too?

And yet I don’t want her to be?

I want her to see her blessing as a blessing at last.

Is that to much?

When you know your a gift?

And all you want is for her to open you up ad see it?

I believe.,… my ships come in.

Will Mama, extend the plank of her heart and just let me in.

How will she ever see if she doesn’t try? I mean really try?

Like this song says, it doesn’t wash out. It s in the blood. My blood came from my Mama.. we are linked.

I personally feel Mama and I have unfinished business to tend to.

I feel there are things she needs to teach me. And I her. And I know, yes, with my fibers, that God has a good plan for us all.

In the end, it is in the blood……

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