Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga inspires me. The energy she channels has transformative power to touch the parts of us that we hide for fear of rejection. She calls those who feel they are odd fellows to the halls, or the edge of glory. She marches to the new beat. And she teaches us the dance so brilliantly.

As I watched this video I was so touched by her candor. Her essence is so pure. Her motive is to express and to have an affect for the highest good for all. She reaches into the mind and programs and deprograms. She embellishes the mind centers in this world.

I am simply enchanted by her. I wish to meet her one day and thank her personally for the light she is in this world. A glowing song bird who’s melodies change our ways and teach us new ways to see the world we live in and those we share our lives with. She is impeccable.

  • Her body is exquisite, a machine. But it is the spirit that draws you in for a closer look. As she sings her lullabies to you. You don’t fall asleep. You wake up.
  • Her words come from consciousness. And she travails and laborers over their birth. They are her children in musical form. And she unleashed them.
  • Her essence is Mother Earth, mixed with Father God. She embodies them both equally.

As an Adoptee, that is a woman, who still has her dreams. lady G touches that place in me that still burns to just do it. I sing. And I feel it is a blessing that I need to share. A song wishes to be born from me. And I want to share it. I pray my song will be received.

Thanks for diving deep.

Watch the video below. Let her inspire you.

I love how supportive her Mom is about her process. Props for Mom!! Way to go unit leader and adviser!! We need more Mama like you! Thanks you Lady G for sharing Mama with us. She Rocks.

yeah. I’m switching gears. Get ready.

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