Lord Jesus! Why do we all got to make sense?

Like, how is anything gonna make sense when we all block communication? Hmm? How? And we all do it from time to time. Especially when the heat gets turned up. Folks either block or advance.

I’ve had a lot of things blocking me. And my Mama was a big one!! Hmmm? Go figure. She’s only my mirror to look into. And she stole it. I guess so she could look at herself? Hmmm? Oh, I’ve done that one too. When someone tells you your hairs matted in the back of your head. You take the mirror. You go into the other room and you fix it. Thankful for the honesty. At least you didn’t go all night or day like that?! Right? What a fright!

And so what my Mama like to look at herself in the mirror! She loves herself. That’s a good thing. But what I saw when God brought me back to have a look see was some blobs on both our window pains. Pain on our windows. Pain in our eyes. Anger behind smiles. Grief in a gesture. Loss in Angry words that could not kiss this one away. And yet.

She did somehow. That is the lesson. I learned from Mama looking into her mirror was, be who you are. Don’t apologize for yourself. Move on when it’s time. Let go, even if you don’t want to. God will bring back what’s yours truly.

This part of the road I did not see. This long Dark hour of my soul was a walk down memory lane, and God driving and pushing all my Mama buttons so I could light the way back to my heart. I never lost sight of hers. Her heart helped make mine.

And sense comes when lines are open and not closed. Lakes become cesspools when fresh water is denied. I am not a mistake. Coming home was not a mistake. It might be hard? But no mistake. God is always right on time.

Thanks for diving deep with me today

God bless.

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