It’s morning. And I listen to this song for comfort.

Does anything wash out? Or does it just smooth out? Am I like Mama Jean? Or Mama? Or both? And why do we need to define it now? Mama Jean just went with what was?

At this point in my life I just don’t get Mamas response to my truth? But I do get Mama Jeans response. Go she say. Be you sweetie. She tells me, with her actions, and words, “there is always a home with me”. I signed up. And I meant what I signed.

And I see that in me, is the work of two woman. I think that’s beautiful. Crazy? Maybe? But life is crazy and normal is different for everyone. Mama thought us was like she thought it was. And she learned that she was right. But her head was off. But her heart knew. Her heart has known what she did. She just lied to herself to be able to go on. But the truth always comes to light.

And I feel that’s a good thing if we realize when that happens to spit it up and flush it. I’m flushing it. I’m done with Mamas sad story. I’m never done with Mama. She’s called Higher. The day she let me go was the first day of her call higher. And now that I am home, I escort her higher in her thinking and being. She needed to see the result of her choice and the work God did with her child. All Mamas need that. And she needed to be set free. Free from all that was.

She’s free. The door of the cage is open. Now. She just needs to step out and walk away from it. Not me. But from who she was scared I was. Daughters are not scary. Daughter love with a love that God gives them. I chose to tap into that love and not to walk away. And it lead me


this song speaks about the blood. It’s reminds me of Christ. And it reminds me of family blood lines. And I am living proof that water can’t wash the blood away. And what’s in the blood leads us home.

Thanks for diving deep with me today.

God bless.

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