The rest of my Facebook message to my sister before she blocked me.

The nightmare for her is life without me. And me for her. We share the same thing. Tell her I love her and that you believe me and see what happens. She will break. And don’t back down. She will try to pump you if you are still not sure. This will take us all to do. And she knows that. And needs us all in this task. Her actions tell on her. She loves me deeply. But does not want to volunteer you all if you’re not ready. She needs you ready and willing. I am ready and willing.

A child knows a mothers heart. Why can’t my sister see it? Or does she see this and is ignoring it? Hmmm? Why would a asister do that? Hmmm? Block me? Call me unwelcome? Says she done with me? Lock me again? Is change so hard sister? Can’t share your throne with your sister? I’ve had a place at the table all along. Why do stubborn? Do you simply think I will shrivel up and blow away?

I will shout it on the mountain tops!! This is my sister Victoria Lynn Brumley!! My sister! Who blocks me!

You don’t want to be called out sister? You don’t want to be a public representation for our family? Well, I have? Alone been a child of Linda Marie Brown, for 54 yeas now. For 30 of those years I did not know her name. Imagine, not knowing your own Mamas name? Can you do that sister? No. You have nothing to grasp from to relate to me do you. But I do know what it is like to walk the earth for 30 years and not know her name. And it’s sucked. Ok. I’m honest. Excuse me.

It just blows my mind that you think that your behavior is saner than mine? I mean really? We are different and yet the same. And I cling to what’s the same and deal with what’s different and work to figure out how to bridge the gaps. You. Give up. Give up. And this is so worth it. I’ve lived without it. The chance is ours to take.

To be sisters. Like it is.

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