In the blood.. feel me.

a child a woman is always a chidl of a woman.

it is in the blood. thanks you jesus!!

Mama. Come to me. God’s unlocked the gate and you can run to me. Mama jean wants you too. You can’t steal anything from her. She’s got plenty. I made sure of it. I want to share my love with you. Can we stop fighting? Can I come home yet? Please?

Will you be my friend anyway? Will you love me even though I am crazy? Like aren’t we all?

It’s in our blood that’s co eyes In The blood

Christ paid a price for us. We owe it to God to get this right this time. Come on. It’s gonna be fun. You’ll see. I am moving soon. So you better hurry if you want to see this place before it’s sold. Ok?

Love you. And Mama Jean too.

I love you both.

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