Yes. I said fuck Mama

Yes, I said fuck Mama. And words are vibrations for feelings and emotions. God helps us make the words ya to describe it. So God made up fuck. So, there are sometimes when fuck is what comes out. I used to not say curse words. I followed what they said at the church.

Then I let myself go. I wanted to know if God would and could love me anyway, if I said fuck. And saying that word felt good. It’s felt free. And it wasn’t about god hating me at all. But it was how uncomfortable the word makes people feel because of what folks think about the words fuck. I ran up against others feelings or complications about the words fuck. They cringe as if God will reach down and smite them for saying such a thing. That really doesn’t sound like god at all, it sounds like humans. We punish ourselves by holding thugs in and allowing guilty to take over.

Grace covers it all. And no one needs to be telling me what to say, but should ask why I said it. Why have I chosen to say fuck? Out loud? Because that’s how I feel. Fucked. Without my Mama. No way home is how I have felt. No one to help me. No end in site to what’s between us that can’t be seen and that Mama deflects so it will stay hidden.

So what I am angry. Do not babies cry angrily when hungry? Hangry is what they call it. My Chelsie Lynn is very hangry when hungry. I watched her one day stabbing at her alas like an animal she was so hungry. Kind of cute she is. Xo. Don’t get in the way of that hits food when she hungry or she will shank you. Ok? Js.

I raised my kids to think fuck was bad because I was raised that way. And I need to turn that around as I had learned something new about it. Fuck is a word. I know a lady who’s name is fuckalina. Ok. Seriously. That’s her name. Are we all disgusted by that? Or can we get a grip and let go of all this foul language patrolling.

Chelsie Lynn lead someone to Christ. And ran in to tell my Mama about it and was dripping f bombs about it. So Mama shit her down about he languished and never did hear the story and rained on Chelsie salvation parade. Not nice Mama. She a fledgling. And need grace. But your hard on yourself too are t you Mama? You tow the line. And there is no line. God loves you just the same. Correction is love. Proverb 3

So fuck that shit. Let that f bomb fly when you need too. If you hold it in? It will fester and come out I. Other ways. Just say it and cover it with grace. No harm no foul. I know you e got some fuck you’d in there. I can feel um. And some god damn it. Maybe god is damn it? Ever think about that? Just damn it. Then cover it with grace. Grace is to show us all is covered. Remember all fall short of the glory. Our body’s area made of dirt. We are dirty. God is the light within. We must use the tool of grace.

Or Christ was in vein. Grace is a gift like me. Open it. Use it. Or what’s the use? You might as well start killing lambs to atone. Backwards. Grace is way better. Sometimes we just need to let that cuss word out. It’s like a demon. Set that shit free or you’ll get infected. It’s freedoms of speech. God knows how we feel why hide? God made us all and sees all. Even what we don’t speak.

So get over it. Fuck that shit. And cover it with grace.

Thanks for diving deep with me today.

God bless.

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