No I’m not….

Not making a name for myself. There are many names written down for me. I was first and still Stephanie Anne Brumley, then I was And still am Belinda Jean Fowler, Ramey, Gayheart, Arnold. So like I’ve got names for me down.

Blogging does not give me a name, it makes my name seen. Blogging makes on content to the names that are connected to me. I am only introducing you to my names and why they matter. Here you find the content to the story of those names and why they where given to me. So many names.

I am also Blanda, blender, T.J, Bee, Buford, the list goes on. Mama, Mom, Wife, daughter of two, one absent.

And what am I to my own Mama. Hmmm? Does not look like it’s good? I’ve felt so much love my whole life? Why do I also see anger in my Mamas eyes when she looks at me? I did what she wanted? And I came back to show her? I’ve blogged our conversations to show it to you? Maybe you can tell me what you see and I can show Mama? Maybe that will help?

I feel she lacks content. She has not read Primal Wound yet? How can she understand anything I’ve said? Maybe she fears she will cry and seem weak? Hell no. You will cry. Yes. But you will feel strong and free. Facing what is is intelligent. Denying it is ignorance and we stay ignorant. What is before you Mama?

What’s on your table of life crying like a bitch to be picked up? How long do you let your babies cry after God brings them back Mama? Should the sheriff call and tell you it’s ok to pick me up and love me? Should the preacher come tell you? Should Chelsie tell you? Should everyone tell you it’s ok? Or will I do? Will I be enough to be able to show you the key was always there and that you just got to claim it.

My name is God, within a child I made from you. And your child has cleared her shit out so I could speak to you through her. Listen to me. I would never send a gift to hurt you. She is my gift to you. I your Lord tell you to pick her up and love her and be filled with my love as you do. Because while she was gone living the life you chose her to, I filled her with my love to bring it back to you. I am your sovereign. I know what my child needs most. Trust and believe. And see my glory. Claim what I Your God have brought back to you. Trust and believe and claim it. Faith child is an action word. Fears be gone in the name of my son. I send my love to you a fresh. Receive giver of mine. A blessing you did not see my working with that was for you my daughter of Margaret and Granddaughter if Mary. I love you.

Jump child. I am the net and always have you in my hand. Always. No fright can harm you. Every missed step is accounted for and this child has paid the price for this missed steps and over fame them. Trust. Receive.

Wow. I love when God does that through me.

Thanks for diving deep

God bless.

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