Well. She called. That’s a start.

Mama says she doesn’t want me In Her life. I am beyond repair I guess. She hates me talking about her here, but she won’t let me talk to her at all. Except today. And I guess that call will Have to be enough for this girl.

I’m going through it myself. And it’s not like I’ve never been here before. They tell you to ask for help, and yet when you do? Well. You get me. Adoptions just great.

I’m forever lost in this maze made up by two woman who say they love me. Why don’t I feel loved these days? It’s probably all me. Why do I try? Why I ask myself that question today.

What’s the use. No one gets it, but me.

Lord, help me. I need your help now more than ever to make it through all this I am working to clear up and yet seem to be making more of a mess. Help me to trust you alone lord. And help me forget my Mama. Please. I’m just done with caring about her. She doesn’t even want to get me. Why did I even think that the truth could set us free? I love you lord and apologize for acting like I have. I ask for you to help me see through all this and follow your lead. Amen. Thank you for hearing my plea.

Thanks for diving deep with me today.

God bless.

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