Oh yes. Mama watch this.

My Mama does not believe in tarot cards. In fact, she’s scared of them because she a Christian and has been taught that they are the tools of the devil.

Well, Mama. I’ve studied the tarot. And God’s there. Just like Christians can say they are godly? And they go to church? But many don’t know how to wield the sword of truth rightly. They use the word for their own agendas and hurt folks. The word can hurt. Yes. It’s a twos edged sword. But when used properly and for the highest good, it will only cut away what no longer serves and not the person.

Tarot is like that as well. The cards help us get out of our head and allow god to show us what’s beyond the veil of our understanding. Tarot with the intention of our highest good becomes a tool for God to guide us. When you add the knowledge of the word to that you get some pretty amazing results. As the tarot leads through the darkness of change.

Mama and I have been going through change. And she scared about it. And I have been confronting her fears head on with my words to light those fears up so she could see how strong a hold they have on her relationship with me. My sisters are a worry. What people will think of her is a worry. Being pleasing to God is a worry. This woman’s got some worries. And mean to fix that right now. Mama should not be ruled by fear at all.

And I care enough to go into this nightmare and light this shit up! I’m gonna slay every dragon chasing us. I am slaying her dragons one by one. As I storm the gates of her mind and lay waste that Old shit. I profess Christ’s power and proclaim grace over it all. I set us free with my words of truth. I lay them to their respectful rest. And I honor our struggle as Mama and child.

This video is just what Mama needs to hear so she can let go of fear and know that baby girls got her back. I’ll fight to the death for her honor above all that was said. That’s the thing here.

Through it all. I am her child. Always mindful of Mama. And praying for my festlesss leader to the end. My heart wide open and blood gushing from the wound of our separation. I work to stitch us back together.


Thanks for diving deep with me today.

God bless.

just take my hand Mama. I won’t let you fall. God will not let us fall. Faith.

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