Mamas mirror what strangers can’t see.

My Mama mirrors to me what others could not. She looked at me and spoke what she could. Much of it was painful. But as I looked, I could see, she had the same pain as me. Was I alone? No. She carried it too.

What this Adoptee posted was supportive towards my Mamas willingness to show up, however hard it has been on us both. I am grateful someone see her worth as well.

what I really want is for all Adoptees to be able to speak truth to their Mamas too. My Mama was long overdue. And she wasn’t really excited about a review. But, after years, the fact that I am grown, she really could tap out this time.

And her relationship with God prevents her from walking away this time. But at the end of the day, Love tells the truth. Love overcomes that truth. And loves creates a new truth.

From ashes we rise. From the flames we immerse, spotless. After the flames of truth lick us, we stand clean. Mamas getting clean as I come clean. And my love for her wins in the end as she sees her worth. To me.

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