This reading is spot on, Mama. Watch it

Who knew. Not me?

Who would even think up a crazy scheme as to lead me to do what I do here? Blog to get to Mamas heart. Who could even see a way like this? Did I? No. But God lead me here.

And who could know that my Mamas fears would be the hole left open for me to crawl into that heart of hers? But fear is a hole. And fear is a door Mama left open for me. Fear told her the truth, but she did not listen to fear and did it anyway. Now fear has her in its grip. But not on my watch! No. I can feel and smell fear. We are old friends. We have spared many times.

Fear lost. Every time. Because I know the truth. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power love and a sound mind. That’s the truth here. But fears got Mama on the hook. What can her fears do? Nothing. Except stand in front of her like a ghost, rattling the chains wrapped around her tender heart, that has love for me. Yes me too. Not just my sisters. Me too.

But my sisters can’t see that? They are the blind ones now. Programmed to be three, they struggle with four. I would say, we are even Steven now. But will they help Mama break the chains of fear over this woman? Will they break this cycle or keep trying to drag Mama the now wrong way. Because towards me is the right way. But Mamas got three anchors holding her down to an old way. Hell more than that. But don’t worry Mama, I am strong. God in me is strong. Fear has no chance against Gods power.

Would I see God lead me through everyone of Mamas fears, help me point it out, and then annihilate it. Fear has no power over she and I. And on this super full moon I declare it so in all directions of time. FEAR! Get your hands off my Mama! In Jesus name! Set her free! To be who God created her to be the day god created me. My Mama. My unit leader, friend and confidant. She deserves better than invisible baby donor. She deserves better than first Mom, but cut off forever. I call he back to life! As Christ called Lazarus from his grave. Come forth! Mama.

Fear has no power over us if we are washed in the blood of Christ. And we are. But unconfessed sins poke holes in our protection. Can you see? Who would imagine except God yo mastermind a coo on your grand scheme with a child who trusts God and follows God into the occult? Is not God the alpha and omega? Linda Marie? I am, the beginning and the end. God is the god of all! Nothing can stop god. Not even the belief that the occult is wrong. How we approach anything is key. The heart and if we seek Gods will. And I have.

Adoption made me different. So God spoke through this to help me. And god showed me it was ok. I trust God and want our highest good. How can any Mama have her highest good without having all her children? You denied yourself that chance. I followed god who is offering you another. Will you trust? And follow? I will not let you fall. Nor will god!

Watch listen to the message.

Speak up. Your not quitting. It’s a new beginning. We can have what we want. All this will

Disparate. Once you get in line with what god is showing us both here. Pick me. Just go on. Why not? No one can stop you now. No one will. It’s safe. We are safe. I am on board ads willing. I forgive you. I am unable to change the subject until we close this chapter properly. God has shown me. And I am leading you. God is leading me. Take a leap of faith and see. You can’t see it until you do. And fear has no place there.

Eat those words you once said. And let’s do this. We can do this. We. We. We. You are not alone. I am here. Waiting.

Let’s have our dream. Like the one we meet in each night.

Forget all the single and partnered parts. Hear what God wants to show you. Pray.

Cancer is my moon sign. Take action. Do something different. See something different happen.

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