My Mama doesn’t get to walk away this time….

My Mama doesn’t get to walk away this timeBecause I know where she lives. Lol. But she can’t even if she moves. Because I’ll Find her. She’s my Mama. You can’t really hide once you are a Mama. Besides, my cells are still in her brain. Below is a link where sciences shows this fact.

And now that I am fully awake to Who I am as a whole? Why would she want to? The jig is up. She’s been found so she never was really gone. Just placed elsewhere. And God know where we all are. Right? No hiding from Gods watchful eye.

I have some ideas about why. Here they are.

  • She’s scared.
  • She’s just didn’t realize. Or didn’t want to wake up to it.
  • She was misinformed and lied to and is holding onto what she knows instead of what she feels.
  • Her heads idea doesn’t match her hearts idea
  • She’s disconnected from her own instinct
  • Her brains Confused.
  • She’s truly believes what was told to her and wants to stay the same.
  • She’s ignorant about the other side of adoption
  • She refuses to be wrong
  • She feels right
  • She thinks I am a demon
  • She thinks I am a mess
  • She thinks God made a mistake by bringing me back
  • She’s worried the girls won’t ever accept me
  • She worried the girls will abandon her if she accept me
  • She’s worried what will her fiends think.
  • She’s worried about what the world thinks
  • She’s worried about what she has to do
  • She’s upset because it not going How her head wants.
  • She can’t see the silver lining in it all yet
  • She’s conflicted by information and treatment her other daughters give her that keep her from just accepting this price of herself again.
  • She’s scared by my boldness.

She never imagined past adoption. She never considered my Idea would be different than hers. She never expected me back. She did not prepare. But I did. I brought all my tools god gave me to get home.

With God all things are possible. Even getting Mama back. Yep

No limit to God’s blessings except belief. We must believe that God is a rewarder if those who diligently seek him/her. I have sought the lord about this. I move when God saysMove. I do what God says to do. I trust that God is working even when it’s a mess. I see what god wants me to see, through the lies painted over me.

Mama doesn’t get to walk away this time. It’s a check mate. And I’ve got her pinned. With my truth. What is a loss if in the end we win. I throw caution to the wind and strike at the devil who created this. I will get back what the worm took from me.

It’s mine by birthright.

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