I knew it would be a challenge, but

I knew it would be A Challenge to win my own Mamas heart from the devil, but seriously. This battle with my Mamas mindset is tough. Because not only does Mama have a mindset, so does the whole Family. So it’s a family mindset reset. Wow.

And sadly they don’t know the devils inside their minds keeping us apart. Ignorance is the enemy of our happy ending and my family is ignorant of me. I get them. They are like most people about adoption and what they thinks really going on here. But they don’t know what I know. And it’s high time they get educated about it. They are all linked to the adoption idea and it’s affect on us all.

They have been denied my mirror to look into at who they really are. My sisters think they are three, when their are four. My sisters think I am crazy and that tells more about them than me. Crazy is code for I don’t know what you are saying, go away. Seriously sisters. Why so dumb. Yeah. I went there again. And will until you shape up. I am your sister? See? Adoption makes people think they are not family anymore and can just tap out? No. You don’t get to this time. Nope.

So, you all better start learning. Or we will be here for a while. I am not going to move on for your comfort any longer. If I have to go on Oprah to get your attention? Well, ok. You want it up in your grill? I can do that. I probably I’ll end up there anyway. Adoptions on the books for a huge reviewing. And I am leading with my sisters and brothers. Our days has come. We grew up and made it. I give myself permission to speak freely now.

My Bio sisters should be angry with the devil that created adoption. I was created by god. They should educate themselves to be better informed. We do have a nephew coming home as well? Should our family be this ignorant of such a deep subject that touches us all many times. Hell, they have me to help them. And my patient love. 25 years!! I’ve waited for you all to accept me! Look at your own actions girls.

It’s what she said he said we said that’s all globes up. My truth clears they Air of it all. As I stand with my smoking gun of understanding from experiences. All the demons flee. They must. My truth is real and grounded in God. I serve no other. So, get it right ladies. This sisters no chump. I am a genius. Mamas genius. With three genius children. So. Mamas a genius too. Just a lied to genius.

Programming is everything. What we eat becomes us. What we read becomes belief. What we listen too becomes ideas, that either add up or not. This does not add up in the grand scheme of it all. I read a lot. I read outside my comfort zone to learn. Comfort is not learning. It’s stagnation. I never was completely comfortable with this arrangement as it is. And I work for a better resolve. I mediate for myself a better deal. I advocate for myself to show my own mind how I do it. So they can learn and be bold.

I feel the resistance. But will not be stopped for I speak for many. I have tapped into the energy of our adopted collective. And I speak for those who can not, yet utter, the words to express how they feel. I am making it cool to be honest for my people. I am taking the heat so they can be warmed by my fire. So we all can go home. Not just me. I work for God as I have said. God wants us home. So our Mamas can open their gifts and see what inside beyond the mess the world made of Gods gift.

Ps 127:3 says:

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.

With that one scripture. Adoption topples. Mamas weep. Fathers weep for lost children in a world confused. God weeps for us all.

And Mamas should go get their gifts and open them to see what god made for them that they shared with a world that didn’t even get them.

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