I miss you Chelsie

I miss you Chelsie

My heart longs for you

And yet I am no stranger to such a loss as a child

I was lost too.

What could make you act like this?

When you know the depth of my scar

What keeps you from me

And what is the key?

To the door of your heart

That you locked me

Within you

I wish to be set free from your prison of me

And to see the sun on my face again

I long to see your face too

I do

And it makes it so hard to go on

Without you here in my life

I long for your hugs

And I dream of you

But what’s made you go from me?

Death did not take you?

Or did He?

Make you die?

So I would live on without you

So I could know

What my Mama feels for me?

And yet can not utter

I miss you.

This is true.

And I guess she misses me





I was.

I love you Chelsie.

With all my heart

The part

That is always yours

My hearts door is open

For you to come charging in

And live in



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