Sharing is what Adoptees do. By law and by honor. We serve.

Sharing is what Adoptees do. Do we Adoptees get the same kind of sharing in return? In the same measure? That is one point I make here. Is that from birth, and from any point those who are thrown into the pool of what some call unwanted and some call chosen. But any way you slice this pie, we get cut into pieces. That’s one of my points.

We share. And you don’t. You meaning, our Mamas when we come home, our siblings, our adoptive parents while we grow up for lack of a proper way for the adults in our lives to care for us. Not leaving gaps and holes in our Support net. Adoption as it is leaves many gaps in the Support network it advertises itself to be. When millions of parents and children are thrown into the black hole of confusion call adoption, we all pay for such a very incomplete idea such as this small bandage on a human moral Dilemma made up by society back in the day.

We the people who have been adopted wish to exercise at long last, our civil and human right to what is ours by DNA. And I would like Cee adult to take notice of this event that is unfolding as I write. As my brothers and sisters muster up the courage society covered in their own fairytale. But we know the truth. All of societies truths. We have heard it all since we little adults in training to do such a job as this called adopted. And yet we struggle to see the root of the cause is in our belief system.

So please excuse me for tromping on your delusions. I have some very special people that would like the floor. If children are gifts, then why does any woman view her child as anything other than that? A gift? And why do we give away gifts, and try to pretend that we do not? Why must children grow up in other places to clear our Mamas name and our own in such a fashion? It’s beyond me. It’s fleshly and carnal and limited like that.

If adoption is special. Then we should feel special. We should be praised for our service in such an Endeavor. We should have benefits and pay for serving others as we do by selection to do so. Our Mamas put us into service to others. And how have we been treated? Like trash. Like dogs. Like pets. We are our own. And we deserve honor and not shame for serving out time for our Mamas shame that society put on an act that is our very creation.

Adoptees care more than anyone who’s never lost their Mama. That kind of grief is heavy. And we have carried it alone without counseling, or recognition of even any loss at all. And we cry out!! Foul play! Not to mentions our Mamas. They, many, got know either. We all have just been getting by with the lines we all were given and I say,” let’s write some new lines to this tale”. Why not? What now do we have to loose? Except our dignity and pride by saying, it fucking hurt like hell.

And I believe.

We surly can do better than that.

Thanks for diving deep with me today

God bless.

Love you Chelsie

Always and forever.

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