Being adopted means..

People don’t understand you.

So, they misunderstand you.

Which means they don’t get you.

They don’t get how you feel and why you act like you do.

And because they don’t get you. They can’t help you. Oh. But they want help. Yeah. They want all your help.

Like my son today. He’s so helpful. He’s helping me. Jesus. By talking and poking at me instead of trying to be a help. I have to go get everything for him. So he can help me. And I have things to do too. Ok.

It seems Mama is not fond of the mind game she made me play. She did not want this package unwrapped. And yet. I unwrapped myself. And played peek a boo. Or boo pee as I used to say it. I said many things backwards as a child.

Being adopted is like fast track linguistics with no text book. You get a nine month course with one language. And then they graduate you. Very quickly. And then. You get to go to a new class. With only your notes from your first class to help you decode the next. It’s quite exhilarating and exasperating. But, Mama wanted me to go. So. Ok. I did.

Ring adopted is also like playing scrabble in linguist class. All the words are vibrations and you have to now, match them to the vibrations you heard while in your first class to understand them. And they have been scrambled. Honestly. I had to require my whole brain. And it took me years to overcome the curve. I speak Spanglish, like Linda and jean talk. All together. Mama Jean understands me. Mama? Well. You get me. She does not.

That’s to bad. But what do we expect?

Mama never went to my classes. She can’t switch gears like me. Thanks God my kids took the class. They speak many languages. Hell one is a linguist. A damn good one at that.

Being adopted means we adapted. Adoptees adapt in a very rigid world that sees everyone as the same and yet denies that fact for Adoptees who are different. Our differences are our blessing and their curse. And that needs to change. People need to stop labeling us as angry, because everyone gets angry. Our anger is fueled by a society that blind and it causes us to want to rise up and bring change.

Thanks for letting me dive deep with all of you.

These wings need to get strong so I can fly.

I know the target.

Stay tuned.


God bless.

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