OH YEAH, you’re there…. Look at that! Nose? And look at thea smile


Oh, yeah, Mama’s there, shining out at herself in raw, unashamed, glory that God made me from…. This woman is who I came from. And its not been easy for her. But she has stood strong like a fresh cup of coffee, hot, burn you if you drink it to quick and warms your bones on a cold day… This woman, has not shame in her game anymore…

And I am proud to come from such a woman…


Nose? And look at that chin? A dead ringer.. Look at it Mama? What God made from you?  Let go and just enjoy it. As I lead us down our new path and remember, the good that has come from it all.

Like, you want to know if I care? Well? Is this big enough? Bold enough? Dramatic enough? Is this scandalous enough for your interest? Is this radical baby girl getting through? Can you hear me? Or do I need to turn it up? To warm that heart of yours? Let me pray, and see what God shows me next? Are you ready? For this kind of love to hit you?

You better be ready…

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