Being able to move on means…to me

Being able to move on means to me that I must unload anything that is holding me back. With that expressed. I would like to begin to go forward anew with my Mamas at my side and supporting me together. Even if they are not really, physically together. But more in the spirit of togetherness in this venture that we three primarily, and siblings and extended family secondarily are deeply involved by design. Adoption as I see it doesn’t not truly cut any child from their line or unit of initial placement at birth.

With that written, I see from my vantage point, which is in the middle of it all, as the observer. Not fully part of either life, because I am forever connected to my original unit leader, Mama and I are energetically, by DNA and psychic connected. And that we form equally strong bonds of the same nature in proportion To the original bond with our first dna, assignment. The bond with my Mama is so strong that I must demand that they stop pulling and pushing me back and forth.

I feel lately, that Mama and Mama Jean have been communicating with each other through me. I am that I tune with them both and am mediating this Bridge to this manifestation I am Initiating for their highest good. They must get to mentally realize how much they do know each other. As Mama realizes what I present. And takes account of this connection. She will realize what I am pointing out to her. And it’s scary. Mama is most curious. And Mama Jean wants her to understand all she has done for her. Yes. Her.

It’s surreal when you realize the two voices in your head are your Mamas? Oh Mama. Mama Jean has worked on any traits that needed polishing and has tried to drive many of them out of me. She’s very keen. Spiritually she is intuitive. An Indian. Indigenous woman. Naturally connected with only her heart that she listened too. Which said to do this for you.

You must see this Mama. Yes. There are many things to address and update. It’s been a long time. 💋 be strong. Keep going. Read. Cry. Pray. God is doing a huge work here and is doing all for all involved. No one is left out for Gods goody redemption supper. Mama God would never allow that. We are all their children. And you to woman are just silly! So silly! Look at you two? Teach me to share? And look at you tug and pull? On me no doubt! Yeah. Remember me? I know your heart is longing for me Mama! Ok? And it pulls me. So I drive to you. Ok?

And Mama Jeans scared too? She’s invested so much into me? Mama? So much. Volumes?? Oh my god that woman and I have gone around the bush and the yard!! All over hells half acres!! SSHES A DAMN KEEPER!! Lord have mercy are our blind souls. Jesus help me. And I was raised quite different than you had imagined. As can clearly see with whom I was trusted too? An amazingly complex woman. Who gorgeous no doubt. A rare beauty. Rare and priceless Mama! She’s proverbs 31 priceless!! To us!! You. Need. To. See that and respond in kind 𝑰𝒎𝒎𝒆𝒅𝒊𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒍𝒚!!

That is what moving on means. We have shared our dirt. And it’s even. Ok. Even Steven. And the slate has been cleared to proceed ahead as I have instructed to write for God. The Lord would say to you today Linda Marie, mother of Belinda Jean, your daughter, give you she and Mama Jean as a gift. Please know that I bless this union if woman. I hold all of High in my regard as most faithful and obedient in your tasks given to you by me. Your creator. I am the sovereign God of you both and I remind you that I waver not. Not is there a shadow of turning. I am the author and finisher of faith. You both have had faith. And this child now a woman has had faith too. That one day she will have you both at her side. Like she grew up feeling and yet could not see. Extend you hand to receive this most precious gift Linda Marie. It is yours. A token of my Love and gratitude. And trusting me with her so another could have what was made from you. This is my gift please accept it whole heartedly. Your Lord and savior. I am the alpha and omega. Be it unto you, from Mary and Margaret. Blessings well earned for all have exceeded my expectations of you all. Rise up and claim your gift.

Wow. I need to process what just happened.

Thanks for diving deep with today. I need some air

God bless.

Love you Mama. Staystrong.

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