Neither of my Mothers is better….

Neither of my Mothers is better than the other. I am unable to pick only one side of the coin. Each of them is unique, and an essence in their own way. They each affect me in different ways. And that’s the point of dragging all this up. Each won and each failed, as we all do. But failure is not the end of a face, if we keep going and finish. Life is a race. And we race with our best and worts self as we keep on and work for our highest expression to be obtained.

Each of us has potential to rise above who we once were. My Mamas are no different. And to have the potential that we all seek, we must face the failures head on. We must pick at them. Chew on them. Digest them to find the meaning in the perceived failures so we can adjust and do better. If we miss a target, or mark, which is what we call sin. I like missed Mark better. It denotes redemption. And that it. Abraham Lincoln failed 11 times I think? And finally won the presidency. He kept going.

And must have faced his failures. Adjusted his course. Listened to the people and what they wanted. And won. My Mamas want a good relationship with me. But hey. I got some shit we need to talk about. And ain’t no one getting out of it. This is my time to speak and you all best listen. I’ve listened to you two. Yeah. I’ve heard it all. You want me happy? Well adjusted? And loving. Ok. Got it.

Well we got this little thing called a review. Or so I say. And I like to clean as I go if you will. I like to clean up old energies I feel and felt and settle the score. Not like get you back. But give you feedback. Like hello? How I feel. How I think. I’ve seen how you think? Is it all about you guys? Seriously. I’ve listened to you two woman and your lives. And I am grateful of course I am adopted. I got the memo. K?

It seriously. There is so much you girls are missing. About me. Like is this all you think of me? Linda, unwelcomed guest? Still? Whatever. And Jean, obsessed with Linda? She is where I came from. Ok? And Ive been patient. And now I am done with two selfish woman and childish behavior. Over. Done. I really don’t want to see either of you. I am upset at you both. Truth. Like what the he’ll. I am just blown away. I wonder if you wonder what I think of you? Hmm?

Well. I think you both are stuck. And stubborn. And maybe getting Old. Maybe your getting _______ fill in the blank. Your nightmare. You decide what’s up with you. It’s like sim Ling rivalry. Like DAVID said when I went up to visit my Mama and Godzilla came to call. Yeah. I went there. Dragon Lady sister showed herself. Lordy Mama. Is she always like this with guest that come to call? Are we unable to sit and drink coffee or tea and discuss this as adults? Both engaging in conversions? Two ways? And no dictator as to how it must go? I mea ladies please.

Is this how you are in public? Do you tell your friends when they are out of line and quote scriptures at them? Do you listen and then just start up another conversation without even respond to what I said? Linda matters to me! Mom! Ok! She can’t go away. She in me. Jean can not go away now. She’s in me as well. That’s what’s weird about me. I am both of you. From one. Raised by another.

This cat fight must end. I am the one being scratched. My children. Husband. We all are feeling it. What is up with you too! Deal with it! I did! Hello! My kids did! How dare you say, the pot calling the kettle black! That I messed my kid up!? What? She’s amazing and messed up about us. Three. Angela’s holding space for us per my request and she’s just cool like that. She struggles to believe it’s possible. Faith is what I teach. It’s what god taught me being adopted adapted me. Now it’s your turn to adapt.

Fair is fair. You two hogs. Everyone’s reading this. So snap too! I am not going to visit either of you! Until this is styled and adjustments are made! You read me? I don’t back down. I swing around and hit again and again and again. That’s faith baby. Gods with me. Oh yeah. Gods with me. You two aren’t going anywhere until this is right by me. I’ve earned it. And you want me strong so I can take care of myself when your gone. I get it! Well. Is this strong enough? Or do you need me to do more?

Thanks for doing deep with me as I spank my Mama!


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