Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Ok. Like my last post was a skimming off the top of what’s negative in me, and this post is what was underneath trying to get out. That’s what I am illustrating here. That negative feelings must be released for what’s better to come to the surface. I know. I am very sporadic and anal if you will about this issue that I see between an Adoptee and her Mothers. And for maybe other Adoptees and their Mothers.

We all have been separated. What does that mean? We have been partially severed from our Unit leaders. What am I saying? Ok. We each are assigned a unit of entry and a unit of origin. And each unit of entry is the Mother. And we inherit and are given the DNA signature of the combination from the joining of the Mother unit and the Father unit. And that from this bond of DNA, we are linked to them infinity, even after death. For no one dies. Really. Our bodies just expire.

Now stay with me. Jesus himself ascended in front of the apostles, proof we don’t die. We must come into the knowing that we all are energy combinations. Carrying energies of ideas that we embody. That’s why you can’t kill an idea? Stay with me. Stop and chew this up. Reflect on things you know. Let you mind wander. Be pliable. Teachable. The universe wishes to teach us. We are part of the universe. We are beings that ride within organic mechanisms and carry vast remembrances within our cellular memories. Vibrations that stay with us through out time.

And what the universe has been showing me is that we all need to purge. To progress. We must loose some mental, biological, emotional weight. And what I have been shown is this is the way. To tell the truth. Get over offenses. Ask questions. Show up. Pray. Communicate with the Universe, God, who ever you call Source energy. What I do her is unabashed and honest. Truly. I share my deepest feels as they come up to illustrate how to do the purge.

My Mama’s and I have been practicing this precept. And they and I will do this. It is written on my heart. I was sent to another to raise me and from one who I was made. And we will rise to this occasion to show the world who God is through us. And through me. We all carry burdens. I carry the burden of a child created as God deciders in a world that tried to redirect what they think is wrong and there is nothing wrong about me. I am a sure shot. And I have character beyond what even this body of mine can see.

I am Gods child. Sent to the daughter of Margaret to show her God’s love and forgiveness. To love beyond her wildest dreams. To see the good beyond all the perceived bad. Forgiveness is an energy that no one can stop. Without the context of how and why forgiveness comes, we fail to see our worth. I came to love. I came from love. No matter how I was conceived. God made me. It is written that God knits me within my Mamas womb. That is truth.

Watch and see the glory of God worm this miracle. I don’t bet on anything I don’t win. Because I am betting on me. And with forgiveness. I win. You win. We all win. Forgiveness never forgets. But remembers the cost. And Old dogs do learn new tricks. Tricks they never knew they could. And this has shown me a love so strong. And this may not make sense to anyone except those this message is for. My words will hit their mark and no one can stop an arrow shot in love.

Thanks for diving deep with me.


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