That’s the thing. People think they know their Adoptees

A tweeted to a lady who has an adoptee from China yesterday. And all I was trying to show her was what she just can’t see. Her child has a Mama and she in China somewhere thinking about her baby. She left her in the streets and that says a lot about China, not the Mother who had to abandon her child, due to China’s rules about daughters born. Still, China is living in the dark ages. And America profits off such ignorance. And that her daughter would appreciate her trying to find her.

All she kept tell me was, their was no way. And I marveled that she found a way to adopt this woman’s child and take advantage of her dismiss and yet can’t see that this child’s Mama is still important to this child. As our Mama are all important to us Adoptees. We want to understand what happened so we can help.

I just wanted to inspire her to keep trying to make a voice for Chinese Adoptees who are now cut off from their roots. And it got mean. Because people don’t understand the side I am trying to show them. The side I myself hid for fear of it happening again. If I could be left once by my own Mama? It could happen again. And I want the world to be a better place. And they made fun of me.

And I am used to this. It’s not the first time I’ve been made fun of for caring about the woman I came from who gave me away. And I want to know what happened to make her do such a thing. I want the real answer in its complete story told by her. I may not succeed. But I try so that it sets a stage. So that it’s down in history that I made a mark to show an adoptee remembers. And goes home.

This woman is walking on a ledge to let people talk smack about her Mama. She put herself at risk of loosing when she is grown and has seen what or what not was done by her and for this child to bridge the gap so she can go home and find her Mama. It will be tough for her without help from the woman that adopted her and claims to love her so much.

And as I took the heat for daring to speak the side of the adopted, I saw the colors of these people. As I told them my truth they blocked me. So I know I got in by telling them Adoptees don’t tell adoptive parents their secret love is still loved. Inside where it’s safe and no one cane take her. People that adopt just can’t seem to see that children have history that they adopt. And that that history does matter.

All I got from them was, what can we do? Watch this video. See how bad that Mamas was. You don’t know China. We can do nothing except take what was theirs and run. And leave a child’s Mama down. That’s what I see. We let ourselves down thinking it makes it better.

The question is: Then why do we search? Why do we go home?

For me? To get the real story so the lies can go away and stop haunting me. That’s reasonable to ask. And yet so hard to get.

And I want people to look at our struggle for answers that are real. They just made fun of me. And that’s ok. They will see when it’s all said and done. And if she doesn’t heed my words. She will see her child go. Back home. And she will know. She chose to do nothing to help the girl she says she loves so much.

Thanks for diving deep

God bless.

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