Like yes. And all know who.

That’s why blogging this that I have held is so difficult. It takes a great amount of strength to go here again. And that’s why I place it all here. So I don’t have to go here again. This is what letting go looks like for me. And I have shared my process with you so you can do it too. And find your own way to let go too.

What I have gone through is not exactly the same as you. True. But I am sharing mine to show you that you can get there. What ever way helps you to get it out and move into another space, and energy that is more in line with who you have become because of all you went through. I am still here. After all this gut wrenching emotions have found flight and have been validated by expressing them.

I see the horizon. And I see past the smoke of my own burning has subsided. I self validate my struggles and learn their value towards my own evolution of mind, body and soul. And I am grateful. I made it back to Mamas door. Strong. And beautiful. And knowing who I came from and who I was raised by. And that I am blessed.

Thanks for diving deep with me

God bless.

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