Another Day has past.

As the sun sets on another day. This child’s eyes are sore from looking for a woman. I mean my eyes have been looking for her for so long. And I can see her in me? But is that all? Tell me so I can just move on. Like My Mamas not dead. She still has breath and life? What gives? Do I have to just drool outside her globe of protection? And just watch? Like wth?

And I drink my black butte porter and smoke to keep going. Cuz shes deaf now, I guess the alarm in her heart was blowing so long it blew her ear drums? Lordy. I waited so long that’s she going deaf. And her eyes sight is failing. She’s got like 8 pairs of glasses that I saw for sure. But she must be blind? What shall I do? Where Can I go? What is the spell to break such a spell? I pray? Does god hear me?

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