Life ain’t worth shit

Without family. I am the living proof. And I will rise. With family in my wings. My life has just begun. With Mama and Mama Jean and everyone. I am blessed.

Life lost its taste. It’s got cold. Waiting for Mama to see me looking for her to come. I had to start a fire so the smoke would rise and show her my cry. And the smoke reached God’s nose. And God wondered what the smoke was about. And asked me why? I told God my heart. And God listened. And God helped me when no one could. God lead me when no one knew the way back to Mamas heart.

Because it’s an inside job. You have to look within and remember who is within and that we are all connected to that source and that spirit is what’s give these bodies life. And God met me there and told me the story and showed me within where I came from. So I could change it forever in me in all directions of time. That I would go back at God’s leading and Mama would let me in. And she did.

And that’s a miracle. She let me in and made me Coffee. So Dad didn’t do so bad. She is a keeper and worthy to make a child with. And even if they said it was wrong and would have to go. She would come back. And make it right.


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