I may talk about Mama. But

You better realize that if you dog and try to judge my Mama will answer to me. As you have read and read my words of judgement served up to Mama by me in front of you all, now that that is how hard my Mama judged herself for what she has done. And I came back to hold the mirror while my Mama straighten herself and realizes what a warrior she gave birth to and that she is herself. That God would honor her by sending her child to hold the mirror while she fixes the metaphorical facial mask that had slid down and revealed her vulnerable self. And I felt she was perfect. So I told you all. Cuz she’s an amazing woman who herself has overcome all those judgements. And now knows that her baby helped her back. To center. To inner grace.

And I worked to help us remove what was Old and refreshed ourselves with a long look at who we both had become. And who we wanted to be to each other. Mamas been talking to me for years. Inside her head and in prayer. Asking God to cover me with his grace. Thank you Mama. There is always someone. I have many. I appreciate each and everyone who has prayed for me. I do. You to Victoria. I see what youve done. Thanks for fight the monster you thought I was. It’s nice to know you are near to protect her even from me. Lol. Silly woman.

We were funny. I think I may have seen Mama Smirk. Maybe a little amused. I felt like my tears while there were healing in some way. Do you cry much? It really is healing. I used to hate it. But now love the affect of a good cry and an amazing argument with my big sis. Lol. I am a force to be reckoned with. If you’ll remember. I just stood my ground. And held it if I may add. I’d fight with you any day. But let’s get on the same side. The one that has always been our side, just not visible. But I am real sister. I am real. And yours too. Each of you.

I am a special gift to you. Look within. I am open. And know that I take you as my gift from God and Mama. And I cherish you. And now you know the rest of the story. Why. I care so damn much. I lost you and was found. And found you and we all lost. An old way. And need to see that. And begin. Say our goodbyes to our old story’s emotions as we learn the lesson reuniting means to our now bigger family joined to another. That’s just so God. So God.

How can we see it any other way? Do you see the potential I do before us? What would Phil say? What would he ask? Maybe he is helping me? Help us all. Maybe God allows certain folks to be able to hear from those that cross over? I believe it is true. That God is all. And that we regress to progress. Like a spiral. We go around and around. And learn and grow. It is always darkest before the dawn. We just came through it. Through it. And no bodies Crazy. We are all just different. And see it from our own h inquest Verizon. But two views are better than one. So let’s get together. And relate.

But leave Mama alone please. I’ve spoken. When she is ready. She will answer. She will address what I have said when she is ready.

God bless

Love you Mama.

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