I guess I just got used to waiting.

I admit. I got used to waiting for you to

Come. It took me this long to accept what was truly before me and figure out how to proceed. My perfectionistic side studied everyone’s move. To learn there style and how to be truly an asset. To this family I had been lead back to. What was my part? Where did I fit? They seem so happy without me. But are they? And am I? What do I truly feel down deep? When the lights are off and it’s just me and God.

And my soul began to stir and began to quack. And all that I held dear. However gruesome or sad, came bubbling up from my depth. As a cry of love commanded these demons to go from me and Mama. And I plead the previous blood. God made my way clear and sat right as an arrow that I was. Shot from my Mamas womb I was shot Into the world to learn and go back. And show my Mama that I got every Mark she could not see back then in her darkness. She she could see. God in me.

And for my love to light her way.

And I guess MAMA GOT TIRED OF ME WAITING TO CUT HER FREE. So. I followed the heart god made me from her. To bust on her seen like the child I am. Filled with life and a swirl, that surrounds her essence and protects it within my being. So this day that came, I could show her herself. Polished y God’s own hands. Taken under God’s wing. And forgiveness. God’s gift to us both.

Well. It’s just gushing out of me. And Mamasbot been gushy in a while. 54 3/4 years. And it’s about time she got out and stretched a bit. She’s amazing. Once you get past the gate. You gotta go through me. That’s where I live. Inside her heart. Safe. Always. Her child.

God bless.

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