I came back to show you your worth…

I came back to show you. A precious precious thing. I came back dressed in my unique way. Thank you for giving me that freedom. I came back with a gift I created with the hands that formed within you so long ago, to show you. I brought my son, so I could show you what God made from what God made from you. I came back to show you, you in me.

They said I was a blank canvas and that anyone could paint on me and have what they desired me to be. And they tried. And they painted all sorts of things on the canvas that’s me. And for a while I got lost playing the canvas for all. But some was always bleeding through. And so they would paint over that place where you bled through. Yes. You in me. And I continued to grow.

And under that paint, we would play, you in me. And it got harder to pretend and allow anyone to paint me but me. And the more I played with you, the more I could see. A new painting emerge. And the layers from our opposite play was push others scenes to crack and crumble. As the play was my soul inner twinned with the, growing under the layers of many others dreams of me.

I was playing I thought. And then yet I knew I was not. I was growing again from all that has been painted over me is But a cover, like a curtain. And I was growing from it all. I had always been, taking what came and looking for you within me to play. With who I would become beyond and when all the Old paint was gone from what all had desired me to me for them. And in fact I could see. The woman I played with was you in me, with God. Helping me find my way.

And I wanted you to know. I wanted you to see. The you in me. This is my honor and my creed. To show you your honor lives within me. Once as a candle so dim and yet strong. And now as a beacon to guide and to show. All that look at me see what within. For a Mother is a Mother and she always lives on. In the heart and the body of the children she allows to be formed by a loving God. Who gives gifts.

We are all gifts. We are all precious. Let us live that truth and change.

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