No one can stop a Mamas love for her child.

  • Mama. Come on. Let the haters hate what they don’t understand. We don’t need to hate what we clearly have for each other. And why should we? It’s our time. Come on. Let’s go to the ocean and wash this away with prayer, wine and sea water. Let’s just be Crazy and love each other anyway!! Like you and Daddy did. I came from that Crazy love, so, god must like Crazy love if I was made from that that obviously you thought was bad. It’s not bad. I am the proof in that pudding. The child that grew. And the child that came back? Like I came back!! That’s a strong love. Let’s not waste another minute and dive deep together, into a love God gave us that nothing kills? Nothing. Can’t kill it. Because it lived on after you left me. As I grew, it grew. And I learned about what woman go through. What you had to go through for me to live. And the guilt and grief that still stings. Yes. I see that Mama. But you have learned not to wince from it. But I can see through that mask. I can feel what you feel. Cuz I have always reached back to you when your spirit needed me. That’s God’s grace. A child’s love is unconditional.

Listen and heal. Now. It’s time you listen to yourself in me. I know the way out. Follow me. I am following God. Yes. Monsters lurk. But Jesus has the keys. And he’s leading the way. He’s opened the door of grace wide. So run. Run to me. You are free. I freed us both. Come to me. I am waiting for your face to see. Come to me for real. I want to see you and touch you with my hand. It’s our time. It’s our time. You and me. Take it. God’s paid the price. Grace is not free, Jesus paid our debt. But we must receive. Both of us. Follow me. I follow God.

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